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Diploma delivery 100 largest companies 2017 – Paços de Ferreira


The minister of Planning and Infrastructure, Pedro Marques, presided today the ceremony of Certificate delivery to the 100 largest companies in the municipality. The initiative proposed by the current Municipal Executive, led by Humberto Brito, brought together over 100 of businessman from our Municipality. In the same ceremony were also praised the company’s PME Leader and PME excellence of 2017 of our municipality, companies that already receive a vote of praise proposed by the Mayor, Humberto Brito, at the meeting of the Municipal Executive, having received unanimous approval. The Secretary of State for Development and Cohesion, Nelson Sousa, and The president for the CCDR-N Fernando Freire de Sousa attended the event. Congratulations to all the businessman and companies in our municipally wo create wealth and jobs.



With the aim of promoting and boosting the local commerce the Municipality of Paços de Ferreira, in partnership with Moveltex, launches, tomorrow, the clothing brand “COPMODA 1836”. To promote the brand and clothing produced exclusively in companies of the Municipality, the Municipality organizes a fashion show at 9.30 pm, in Paços of municipality.

THE SINGLE BRAND in Paços de Ferreira – COP MODA 1836

22.07.2017 Paços de Ferreira
– Present New Fashion Brand


By Estela Ataíde – July 26, 2017

An important sector in the economy of Paços de Ferreira, the textile represents, according to the city hall, 21% of employment in the municipality.
Of the 168 textile companies of the municipality, several produce garments for renowned brands such as Burberry, Hugo Boss, paul Smith, Lion of Porches, Massimo Dutti, Marie-Chantal, Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, Golfino, Dior or Nina Ricci.

Copmoda 1836 Launch Parade – photo: Press release

But from now on, the knowledge of the sector will be also applied to the Municipality’s own brand, Copmoda 1836. Born form a partnership between the city of Paços de Ferreira an Moveltex – Competence and business Incubation Center, the new clothing brand is the result of a project that involves several companies in the municipality.
Givachoice, Epinet, Crialme, Irmãos Meireles, Youngstar and Confecções TM, are the companies the collaborate in the project, ensuring that the Copmoda garments are produced exclusively in the municipality of Palos de Ferreira.
The creativity was in charge of designer Anna Cunha, who signs the creation of the new clothing Brand.
To go with the clothes of the new brand, the company Dona V, developed a collection of shoes and bags for ladies.
The Launch of the new brand was marked by a fashion show, which took place on July 21, in Paços of the Municipality, and was attended by Manuel Serrão and Alexandra Costa Martins Host of Porto channel.
Following the launch event, other Copmoda 1836 promotion initiatives will be undertaken, including participation in National and international textile events and fairs, including Momad,, which takes place in September in Madrid, and Modtissimo, which takes place in October, in Porto.

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Marca Única em Paços de Ferreira – CopModa 1836


Brand Created by the Paços de Ferreira Chamber: CopModa 1836 – Clothing and Footwear – Paços de Ferreira is Present at Modtissimo Portugal – in Jornal de Notícias

Givachoice – Magazine business Portugal November 2017


Givachoice – Magazine business Portugal November 2017
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