Sustai —

Social Responsibility


The growing concern with sustainability led us to implement a set of measures to create a green future for Givachoice and the textile industry. The commitment to sustainability is a main point for Givachoice.

As manufacturers of the world's most recognized brands, we are committed to sustainable development and the growth of a greener world, in order to protect future generations and the environment.

Givachoice recognizes the responsibility to face the challenges inherent to the fashion industry in order to reduce the environmental footprint and promote positive changes throughout the production chain.

Our sustainability policy also includes principles of ethics and social responsibility, as well as good management practices.

For us, sustainability is life!

Our Commitments


Our commitments to the planet, our employees and our customers:

1. We ensure the reduction of textile waste, through partnerships that allow us to reuse, recycle or recover the waste generated. At Givachoice, almost all waste is reused by the automotive industry, giving rise to the filling of steering wheels in vehicles.

2. Our employees are encouraged to actively contribute to the implementation of our recycling policy. As such, recycling containers are implemented at strategic points of the company for the correct separation of waste.

3. We reuse pallets from our warehouse to create furniture. Our waste containers, for example, come from this material.

4. We reuse plastic boxes and bags from suppliers.

5. We make sustainable choices, such as the use of certified cardboard boxes, the purchase of PVC-free plastic and care in the selection of duly certified suppliers and materials.

6. We work every day to achieve energy efficiency. In this way, we regularly monitor electricity consumption, install LED lamps throughout the building and sensors in strategic locations.

7. We recognize the potential of renewable energy and, therefore, we installed photovoltaic panels in the building, which produce more than 50% of the total energy consumed.

8. We invest in the newest sewing and cutting machines with lower energy consumption indicators.

9. We rationalize water consumption by implementing sensors in water taps, monitoring water pressure, dual flush toilet systems, timed taps and an intelligent irrigation system.

10. We have implemented a noise and lighting safety management and monitoring system.

11. At Givachoice, we are committed to the values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the fundamental principles of the International Labor Organization, with regard to ethics and integrity at work.

12. All our employees are treated with respect and equal opportunities. We privilege access to training, information and integration, promoting a work environment free from harassment.

13. We privilege compliance with our Health and Safety at Work program.

14. At Givachoice, we believe that transparency and traceability are fundamental to sustainability.




A company focused on sustainability must assume its commitment to monitoring the entire production process, thus ensuring respect for social and environmental values.

Givachoice is proudly certified by some of the most recognized certifications such as GOTS, OCS and RCS.